Kinect only handles two players? Witnessed at E3

During the hype around Microsoft’s controllerless camera Kinect over the course of its announcement last year, a lot of facts have surfaced. One of the more important facts is that the camera could indeed be filled with better hardware for processing, that up until this point is being handled by software to keep costs low. Well if what we’ve witnessed and heard at E3 is of any fact, then the limitations to the camera are starting to display before the device is even released.

When a lvlone staff member demoed Game Party: In Motion for Kinect on the show floor they received some facts that might have been unknown before. When we asked the rep how many players will the game support they told us that the Kinect camera can only handle two complete skeletons simultaneously but will support four players over Xbox Live. We were shocked to hear that to be the case. Now news is springing up on hardware specs indicating the same thing, what does this mean for Kinect? The big thing to note is that he told us two complete skeletons and since most games are being made for Kinect’s launch they have taken full advantage of the entire body.

This doesn’t rule out a game, lets say where it’s four people playing a buzzard type scenario as seen at Microsoft’s Press Conference of 2009. At that point only half the players body at most is being read, so it could possibly read more the two simultaneous people in that sense. However this does not sit well for the camera’s future if more limitations start springing up. Not to mention before it’s release in the Fall.


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  1. Do you really think having 3 or 4 players in front of the TV is going to work?

    Think about that for a minute before you make stupid remarks like “limitations”.

    If this is a limitation I guess you live in a gymnasium and have a 120inch screen..

    The spec’s themselves say it can track up to 6 people with 2 active players.

    Wish you so called journalists would use your heads for a minute instead of always looking for a negative slant.

  2. This camera is being ran into the ground!

    They should have treated it like a console, put the best hardware in and front the bill till it’s in 1 million peoples homes.


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