E3: Hands on w/ Nail’d

Not to many new ATV games make the rounds on consoles, the major player before was the ATV Vs. offroad series. The developers for Nail’d are going a different rout in delivering a pure arcade racer that is sure to capture the ultimate amount of speed while behind these ATV’s and motocross bikes as well.

Lets make one thing clear, this game is bending the laws of physics giving ATV’s and motocross bikes alike the biggest jumps and speed you won’t find anywhere else. Nail’d focuses on pure fun, giving players plenty to do with vertical and outrageous tracks. The two stages we played had some really big jumps, 90 degree turns and trains on multiple occasions. The sense of speed felt good with the opponent A.I. providing a good challenge but not overwhelming. There will be distractions in every turn, from planes crashing, to trains like some we’ve witnessed, all in the middle of your race. The sounds for the ATV’s were good and the graphics seem to pop. We’ve witnessed great terrain deformality while hugging turns on the muddy area’s.

A boost meter will let you really gain speed on the courses as you’ll need to in order to win. Building the boost meter can happen in a number of ways. High jumps and rings are the ones we’ve witnessed. There is one thing to note, when speaking with one of the developers they let us know that you won’t be able to perform tricks while in the air on big jumps. This is due to the fact that they wanted to focus on the pure speed and high jumps in the game. Nail’d will ship with roughly 14 different tracks on 4 different zones around the world. Vehicles are fully customizable, with parts that are unlocked as you progress through the game. Online will also make its way onto the final build and the team is looking into 12 players.

Overall our experience with the game so far was rather fun but definitely could use some work. Graphics were colorful and the game holds up well when dealing with a hefty amount on screen. However the dead space from not performing tricks in the air is unescapable and the ATV’s will need some balancing tweaks. The game is shaping up well before its release in the fall but it will have to give some heavy punches to compete with the likes of Pure and ATV vs MX series.

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