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Published on June 25th, 2010 | by Remy Cuesta


E3: MotorStorm Apocalypse in 3D! Impressions

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While in the last month or so we’ve had our fill of racing game releases, it would seem game devs are not done yet. One game to truly stand out of the racers we got our hands on at E3, MotorStorm Apocalypse would have to be one of them. Now in the form of 3D we took it for a test drive to see what it was all about.

Off the bat 3D gave the game a great sense of speed and depth’d you just can’t find without it. This is not to say that MotorStorm Apocalypse isn’t going to hold its own without it. Particles and objects seem to come at you in 3D like nothing we’ve seen before, this also improves your driving slightly. The game had a great draw distance and good framerate with the amount of chaos that was happening on screen. We did notice this somewhat graininess we experienced in the very beginning of the game which reminded me of PS2 graphics but it quickly cleared up.

The game will support sixteen player online multiplayer, four player split-screen, vehicle customization which you can then share with the community site, ranking system, matchmaking and a game mode created. We heard the game mode creator will let you design game rules, winning conditions and will even let you play online with them. If this is what’s in store for the future of racers then we’re on board for this one. Supporting multiplayer and a new way to play MotorStorm Apocalypse looks to be shaping up as the next hit in the series. The game was made for 3D and it shows, we’ll be sure to give you more info on the game as it comes in.

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