Why E3 2010 was Nintendo’s Best in Years

Nintendo had a great E3 showing this year, they showed a lot more games then they usually do and had a lot more surprises, here are the top reasons why Nintendo had one of their best E3 in years..

5. They talked less about motion controls than Microsoft and Sony

It’s almost surreal saying that statement but it’s true, Microsoft alone devoted a great portion of their press conference’s time on the Kinect. Granted Microsoft needed to show their new peripheral since it was it’s world debut but it still took a lot of time and judging by the gaming communities feedback it was time that could have been spent better. Sony was in a similar situation with Playstation Move but having debuted it earlier this year they didn’t have to devote much time with it although a good amount of time was still spent on why gamers should care about their new product. Nintendo on the other hand had little to say about motion controls because they’ve already established themselves in the motion department so they were able spend their time on a lot more crowd pleasing points.

4. They brought back classic characters

One could argue that Nintendo does this almost every E3 but this year the Nintendo mascots were out in full force, at the top of the list was of course Kid Icarus a character fans have been begging Nintendo for years and he’s not only back but he’s the launch game of their new handheld. Kirby was also a classic character that hadn’t seen much action in the past few years but now Kirby is back in one the most unique looking games in the industry. Furthermore Donkey Kong was also brought back into a proper game, not a music and rhythm game.

3. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Myomoto had some problems with the controls at the press confrence but many who played the game on at the show agreed that Skyward Sword controlled well. The addition of Wii motion plus support adds a new dimension to the combat in the Zelda series and will probably have plenty of immitators since sword play surprisly hasnt done too well with motion controls. Wii motion plus aside Skyward Sword looks interesting when compared to other Zelda titles, with the colors of Wind Waker and the realistic models of Twilight Princess it looks like Skyward Sword will be a perfect blend for the game’s visuals.

2. No new peripherals

In an E3 where new peripherals had a big showing Nintendo ironically had little new to introduce in this department. Nintendo had previously shown everything from Wii motion plus to the Wii balance board and the Wii zapper but this show Nintendo, true to form did the opposite of the other two guys. It was good to see Nintendo finally focusing on their games and of course it didnt hurt that they had an entirely new platform to show.

1. 3DS and it’s third party support

This was one of the big shockers at E3, even though everyone knew the 3DS was coming and was going to have a presence at the conference nobody knew how far Nintendo was in the hand helds development. Not only was the 3DS ready for attendants to get their hands on, but Nintendo also announced an army of games either in development or ones that will be coming up for the hand held. Nintendo isn’t exactly known for their expansive third party support so when people at the show floor were seeing a Metal Gear Solid game running on a Nintendo hand held in 3D you know gamers were a little awe struck.


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