Update: Perfect Character Suggestions for Marvel vs. Capcom (Part 3)

As we know, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is on the way next year. Everyone is debating on who is going to make the cut. Here we have 20 suggestions that can hopefully make the roster. This list is composed of 10 Marvel characters and 10 Capcom characters and all have a reason to make it in this soon to be spectacular fighting game. The list will release with four fighters at a time with more coming soon. Dont forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2!

12. Wang Tang

Wang Tang is a speedy type of fighter and one of the popular fighters of the Power Stone series .  The master martial artist has attacks that are pretty quick whether it be kicks, throws or aerial attacks. He transforms into the Agile Dragon which can give him the ability to move at a faster speed, launch smaller quick fireballs, huge energy spheres, and deal out heavier damage.

11. Mr. Sinister


This guy is one of the popular X-Men villains ever. He has created betrayals within the X-Men’s members causing many problems for the super group. Sinister can be used as a sub-boss like Juggernaut and Dr. Doom in previous games.

10. Mai-Ling


Don’t know her? She comes from a game called Red Earth where there are 4 different fighters to choose from. Leo, Kenji, and Tessa have all made it into another fighting game at some point. Mai-Ling should get the chance to make it into this game. The young martial artist is kind of like a cross between Fei Long (flaming kicks) and Chun-Li (fireball projectile). Capcom should really look into placing her in MvC3.

9. Beast


Beast can possibly be created to be a un-orthodox fighter. Picture this, Slow moving because of his body structure but he can combo well because of his strength, acrobatics and agility. That type of combination can catch quite a few people off guard.

We are almost at 1!

Check back soon for 5-8

Dont forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2!



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