Red Dead Redemption Review – Hog Tying never looked so good.

Rockstar games are known for their high profile titles, transforming and innovating sandbox worlds that engage players like never before. Red Dead Redemption is no exception and not only did they create a realistic world set 100 years ago in America but they’ve found a way for us to put down our plasma rifle and pick up a lasso.

Red Dead Redemption pits you in the shoes of John Marston, a loan horseman out to bring in his brother (who he once rode with) anyway he can. Betrayed by the gang he rode with, John Marston finds himself fighting for his life, while scavenging the land of the corrupt. This game has exceptionally excellent dialogue/voice acting across the board and the relationships you develop over time really give you a sense of attachment to the characters. With a world as corrupt and lawless as this one, any bit of help whether bad or good comes a long way. There is so much to do in this game you could spend hours on little things that don’t even focus on the main story. Skining animals, playing card, five finger roulette, picking up bounties and much much more. Even when traveling between areas which sometimes feels like a long time, the game has a great way in engaging you on what’s going on with strangers in the wilderness.

For a game this size it looks incredible, one would expect some pop ins here and there which there are but none the less keep things are kept in order, while providing a great draw distance to appreciate the land. Now at its core there are similar underlinings to GTA but beneath that the differences can be seen in almost every aspect of the game.

The multiplayer for Red Dead Redemption also holds up like the single player. Up to 16 players can get online for either matches against others or make/join a team. Standard and more intricate modes are found here, you can also level up your character to unlock other characters, weapons and horses. What’s great about the multiplayer matches is the system in which they give a team the upper hand by having them face off in a shoot out. Never thought we would have fun before a match even begins in a game. If match making is not your thing you can join friends taking out gang hideouts or treasure hunting, there is just so much to do here.

Overall what your getting here is more then this review can describe. Players will almost never get bored of the offerings, even if you have completed the game in full (which would take so long to do). Friends and Enemies can and will be made online, but thats the best part. At first I didn’t know if I would except an old western game thats set over a 100 years ago but now I want nothing more then to hog tie someone, put them on my horse and bring them to justice.

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Overall = 9.7

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