Day 1 Wrap Up quick peeks

Killzone 3

First off the game looks amazing! Going through a brief section in the campaign you can notice that it controls really well and is very responsive. The jetpack is reliable and easy to use, which is good because you need it to cross the frozen stage. Armed with the jetpacks assault gun and a pistol you encounter the dreaded Helgast. The Helgast soldiers take more evasive steps to avoid you gunfire and grenades. It is a blast to combine the use jetpack to mow down enemies. There is a 3D feature in the game that is mind blowing for this new first person shooter.

Gran Turismo 5

One of the best racing games is finally back on the road. The booth was setup with a racing wheel and pedals. Though it was pretty tough to get used to playing with the wheel and pedals, the game looks really good also in 3D. Gran Turismo 5 releases November 2, this year.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

If you played the first Ninja Storm then you will enjoy this one. In a brief 2 part match, Naruto and Sakura faces off against Kakashi in a training fight. As you fight against Kakashi, Sakura is your side partner who you can call into attack. Using Naruto’s signature moves, you whittle away Kakashi’s health bar. Now there are more quick time events while fighting to keep players on their toes. Just when the match is almost won Kakashi gets really serious. Kakashi calls forth three different special attack that Naruto must avoid to win. This game is still as fast, fluid, and as vibrant as the first

3D Gameplay

After playing a few games in 3D, it is actually a good fit. Wipeout HD looks sleek and stunning, MLB: The Show has great depth, Motorstorm: Apocalypse shows debris and dust flying at you. 3D gaming is not a gimmick, it is just expensive. With the 3D TV just realeasing in stores, the price is HIGH. Most likely after a year or two it will be more affordable to more people.


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