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Published on June 15th, 2010 | by LilZelku


Sony’s Sorcery at E3

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Sorcery is one of the new games that Sony unveiled at E3 that is based around the PS3 Move controller. This is the first of many motion control games that Sony revealed at E3, showing the revolution of their new motion controller. Developed by The Workshop, Sorcery puts players in the shoes of sorcerer’s apprentice and his different trials and tribulations to becoming a full sorcerer while protecting his kingdom from evil.

In the game Sorcery, the motion control gives the freedom of moving wherever, boasting full one-to-one control, with the player on screen mirroring the position and movements of the player. One flick at the screen your character waves his wand and casts magic spells. Casting and combining different types of spells give different effects, such as a fire wall and whirlwind spell create a tornado of fire. Sorcery is set to release this fall.

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