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Published on May 31st, 2010 | by LVLONE Gaming news


Monday Video Game Giveaway

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This week’s giveaway is a Wii title that has robots with big guns and very colorful graphics. This game will put you with a team mate to defeat some of the biggest robots you’ll see. Monday’s Question: If a game character had to replace a piece of their body with a robotic one, who would it be and which part?

You only have until Tuesday 6PM EST. to enter, all you have to do is answer the question in this post. We will then close the giveaway and pick one lucky random winner.

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4 Responses to Monday Video Game Giveaway

  1. Avatar cjmnews says:

    The Prince of Persia could use a bionic arm so he can reach all the way behind him, and grab/throw the enemies as well as grab walls in mid-fall and claw his way back up.

  2. Avatar hensleyc says:

    If any character were to replace a body part, it would be Mario. He’d replace an arm with Mega man’s shooter arm. This way you wouldn’t need to get the flower twice to get fire power. >=]

  3. Avatar Phantasmguy says:

    I’d have to say Simon Belmont, and replace his neck with a metal one. This way, he can be invincible to Dracula’s bite and thus, giving him an easier time to defeat Dracula…AGAIN.

  4. Avatar Asutari says:

    would be awesome to see chris redfield have his arm replaced by megaman’s gun

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