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Published on May 21st, 2010 | by Rob Kwong


Modern Warfare: Black Ops Uncut Trailer

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“Lies, lies lies, I’m so tired of lies!” The UNCUT trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Black Ops is up, and from the looks of it, the game does in deed partly take place in Vietnam. Later on in the trailer their are scenes from an arctic location, and of a SR-71 Blackbird jet flying in the outer atmosphere.  A breach system is in place for the first person story mode. Some new weapons that seem to be available will be a crossbow with explosive tips (Finally my Rambo dreams can come true!!), and a new type or manually targeted rocket launcher. What more is their to say?  Watch, comment, enjoy!

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Rob Kwong

[Managing Editor] Have always had a love for everything games. I always need a fix for some Call of Duty or some kind of FPS that never seems to get filled.

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