Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing Review

The Left 4 Dead 2 DLC has been awaited by fans for several months now, with a new campaign, new weapons, and other surprises The Passing looks to please fans of the series but does deliver on the promise?

For those who already played through the original’s DLC, The Passing is pretty much on par to what Crash Course was. A new campaign is given thats about two to three chapters long, that expands the story of the survivors. However the big selling point for The Passing has been that it brings the survivors of the original Left 4 Dead with the ones from the sequel, although this seems like a really good idea it unfortunately isn’t executed has some fans will have hoped for, without giving too much the original characters do help out but it’s limited to the campaigns finale.

However there are  several other new aspects that are brought to the game as well, a new gun is added to the arsenal, and a new melee weapon as well. Also the uncommon infected in the campaign is a “fallen survivor” these are basically people much like the survivors but of course ones that got infected, what makes them unique is that they’re also equipped like the survivors as well so they’ll drop items like pills, and guns. There are a few other little surprises in the campaign but there minor and better left for players to discover them on their own.

The other major aspect of The Passing is the new mutations in the multiplayer modes. Each week a new type of gameplay mode will be added or an existing one will have a major variation to it, this a welcome addition to the already solid multiplayer gameplay found in the game.

Perhaps what fans wanted might not be delivered in The Passing however the game is well worth the price on XBL, the mutations will expand the multiplayer mode and the campaign will give some insight into the survivors from both games, its unfortunate that they don’t interact too much, the times that they do were very satisfying and fans will be begging for especially because the survivors as a whole is such a varied group of people. Some the best moments in the game are the comments that the survivors say among themselves about the other group, again I don’t want to give anything away but you’ll find yourself caring about the survivors even more and where their next journey will take them.

Overall= 8.0

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