Now Shipping 4/26/10: Super Packed

Super Street Fighter IV 

The SUPER version of Street Fighter IV hits store shelves.  With it come new things such as characters and modes. Team Battle is a 4 on 4 battle and Endless Battle, is where 8 players rotate playing against each other. Bonus Stages with the car or barrels finally returned and rival battles now have a dialogue scene. Every fighter now has 2 Ultra Combos. The new fighters in the game are Adon, Cody, Guy, T.Hawk. Dee Jay, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Juri and Hakan ranging from old to new games. This brings the total roster to 35! On June 15, 2010 a Tournament Mode is suppose to release as DLC. Check out lvlone. com’s hands-on, and stay tuned for our review coming

Dead to Rights: Retribution

This makes the first appearance on the next gen consoles and the next chapter in the series. Created by Volatile Games, this third person action game has Jack Slate and his dog Shadow upholding the law in Grant City. The game features a fluid combat system, fast gunplay, brutal disarms and takedowns. Also you can play as either Jack or Shadow.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

 In 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa you are able pick through 199 nations of soccer teams. There is online play through Xbox Live and Playstation Network. The 10 official World Cup stadiums are in the game to be played on. There are gameplay improvements and a “Captain Your Country” mode.


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (PS3, PSP, 360, Wii)

Dead to Right: Retribution (PS3, 360)

 Free Running (Wii)

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (Wii)

NIER (PS3, 360)

Record of the Agarest War (PS3, 360)

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, 360)


Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (XBLA)

Tecmo Bowl Throwback (XBLA)


Dante’s Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia (PS3, 360)

Kiss-Ass (PS3)

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West (PS3)

Speed (Wii)

Tecmo Throwback (PSN)


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