Review: Mass Effect 2 – Kasumi’s Stolen Memory DLC

Mass Effect 2 has released a brand new DLC called Kasumi’s Stolen Memory. Shepard has been requested to assist a new crew mate. Kasumi Goto, a mysterious hooded thief who needs help with a dangerous heist. With Kasumi’s set of stealthy skills to assist Shepard in the mission and the new items that it supply’s, is the DLC worth its purchase?

Shepard meets Kasumi on the Citadel through an ad screen as she gives little info about her background. She then becomes part of Shepard’s crew. As you make your way to her loyalty mission, she informs Shepard about her plan and the way it is going to play out. This mission is different from most other missions in ME2. The only crewmate that goes with Shepard is Kasumi. Shepard (in a new formal suit) has to mingle with a few high class crooks, while trying to infiltrate the vault of a smuggler/weapons dealer.

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory brought a lot of different scenery to ME2. Shepard goes from a lavish home, to a huge vault, to underground storage tunnels, and an elevated docking pad. Kasumi is a very interesting crewmate whos story comes from a different angle. Beneath the shadowy hood there is one power that Kasumi has that is pretty flashy, the Shadow Strike. With this ability Kasumi goes invisible then re-appears behind the enemy , then strikes down the foe. This DLC is priced at 560 MS points or $7 and was worth the adventure. One thing about this add-on is that it makes more sense for you to NOT have beaten the game already because you would not be able to fully use Kasumi further on. Overall receiving a new and better SMG, new crew member for the rest of your missions (if you didnt beat the game), and don’t forget the new formal suit make it a buy. Be sure to pick this up to add to your Mass Effect 2 adventure.

Overall = 8.0

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