Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC

If your sick of playing the same maps over and over in the ever popular Modern Warfare 2, well your in luck. The Stimulus Package DLC has finally arrived and it delivers 5 multiplayer maps but at a hefty 1200 Microsoft points, so is it worth your hard earned cash?

The Stimulus Package delivers 5 additional multiplayer maps featuring a variety of locations: First is “Bailout” a multi-level apartment complex. This map excelled the most on every game type and seemed to be the largest of them. Two houses and two buildings connecting to each other with open areas all around them made this our favorite map. “Storm” is an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery. This stage was had great spots to do just about everything in. players will never want to stay in one place two long but has some great hiding spots none the less. “Salvage” is a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars. You can go through pipes, some buildings and two open fields. We weren’t particularly found of this map compared to the others as everything seemed to narrow and had flew spots to flank and kill the opposing team.

Two legendary fan-favorites maps from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare return, including “Crash” a war-torn urban environment. This was the map that was apart of the first Modern Warfare’s beta on the Xbox 360 before its release and is definitely memorable. This one has tons of hiding places and some areas that don’t get scavenged until a couple of playthroughs. “Overgrown” which features a massive dry creek bed in the center and two bridges on the opposite sides. Several parts of this map have sniper points and each end of the map look very different from each other giving it a nice blend.

Overall the experience of the game is expanded with these maps, all welcomed additions and much needed. If your a casual player of COD: MW2 then you may want to hold off for a discounted price but for those who want more action this will definitely hold you off until the next map pack sees release.

Overall = 8.5

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