Gears of War 3 interview Details & “Ashes to Ashes” Trailer

Last night, Cliff Bleszinski was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut the brand new trailer for Gears of War 3. After talking about his childhood and how he got into the video game industry, Bleszinski showed the trailer.

The titled ‘Ashes to Ashes’ trailer shows one COG soldier running through lifeless stone figures of people in city covered in fallen ash and soot. The people of the town are frozen in place most likely due to some volcanic eruption (Imulsion?). It seems that many were trying to escape, while others accepted their fates. The fleeing unknown soldier then falls (Dominic Santiago? Adam Fenix?)while being shot at. Just as the enemy Locust were about to finish him off he is then rescued by Marcus Fenix who is holding a doubled barrel shotgun. Then a new female COG solider helps the unknown soldier by handing him a gun. Baird and Cole then join the fight. As the Locust come closer they are attacked by a new creature with long tentacles. The video comes to a close with all 5 soldiers surrounded by enemies as the screen shows ‘Brothers To The End’

Bleszinski then shares some new details about the game. The new enemy with the tentecles are called the Lambent, which can also mutate while fighting them. New weapons such as the doubled barrel shotgun and female soldiers have been added to the game. Bleszinski then states that the game will be released “probably about April 8 of 2011.” 

In an official release, Microsoft says that Gears of War 3 will realease April 5, 2011 in North America and Asia, April 7 in Japan, and April 8 in Europe and the rest of the world.


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