Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack review

Not to long after the release of Bioshock 2 we already have our first downloadable content for the game. It is in the form of a multiplayer pack and definitely benefits those who have already reached the max level of the game. This isn’t so much as DLC that would add more levels but more like a booster pack. What you get is an increase of your maximum level, new playable characters, new trials, a weapon upgrade and additional masks. Seems worth it right?

If your looking to take your character further or have ranked to the highest level of 40, you now get an increased level cap to 50 and receive bonuses to suit so. Those bonuses include the new trials that you can undergo while playing. For those who don’t know trials are much like the barrack challenges in Modern Warfare 2, completing certain in-game challenges to boost your level. This side of the pack leans toward season players but can suit new comers that want to get as much out of the game that they can get.

A third weapon upgrade is now available as well, giving you another option when customizing your load outs. This mostly will benefit those in higher ranks as more options at those levels become available. Two new playable characters are also at your disposal, Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca. Both also have there own back story like the other characters that can be picked. Last but not least five additional masks are added as well but can only be unlocked once you reach level 41 and beyond.

We would have liked to see a little more bang in this one. More stages, another mode or something to suit lower level players. You don’t see much effect coming in at anything lower then 41, will this give you the nudge to increase past that? In some cases yes. All in all the pack definitely leads toward veteran players of the multiplayer but can make those who want to come back and stretch the gameplay a little bit further until the next dlc comes along.

Overall = 7.2/10

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