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Looks like theirs another military shooter to add to the list of FPS’s out there. This one sets itself apart from the rest by using an innovative Hydrogen Engine and defining new tactics that haven’t been seen before. Atomic Games, developer of simulations for US military and intelligence agencies and a pioneer in military action games are releasing Breach for XBLA and PC. We got our first hands on at PAX East, here are our impressions.

Three classes were at our disposal Gunner, Rifleman and Recon. Sporting a mix of weapons to suit each class, Recon equip with a sniper rifle and Rifleman having an M16. Through our developers walkthrough of the game he emphasized on how we should want to close the gap on our enemies position by destroying locations they are able to maneuver from. Taking out bunkers that sit on the cliff, C4ing a bridge or doorway to eliminate possible strategies they may have in mind. One of the things we noticed is the use of the engine is realized from the very beginning. The explosion from a C4 to blow open a wall or doorway blows both ways, as it would in real life. Getting in the way of the debris will inflict damage and sometimes kill you as it would in real life and taking out planks that hold up a bunker on the side of a cliff will cause the bunker to fall and rip apart.

Running around the terrain was no real issue, when I seemed to have hit a wall I attempted to blow a hole to get to the other side, to my surprise it work!. I was able to detonate C4 on the wall to get through a room underground that led me to a stairway out. Using the cover system in the game seemed a bit stiff and was not always sure if it would work but it does. Attempting to turn over however to shoot while in cover wasn’t working the couple of times I tried but we do know it does support it. While no graphical polish is put into the game from what we’ve seen, this game is going for realism and physics but it could be do to an early build.

For now the detail of what the engine has to offer is good enough to get us into a game with real tactical advantages in mind. More classes to come and what looked to be $15 or 1200 MS points for an 8 on 8 military shooter that uses the physics much like battlefield bad company is sitting well with us. With a planned release date of summer of 2010 we’ll give you more when it comes in

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