Now Shipping 3/21/10: Pre PAX East edition

The countdown to PAX Boston 2010 is upon us, the end of the week for those who don’t know. Their are still plenty of game releases to hold you over before any game announcements or previews start seeing the light of day.

Just Cause 2
An action video game and the sequel to the original Just Cause, Just Cause 2 runs on a updated engine from the first one. This game is set on the island of Panau in South East Asia. Rico Rodriguez comes back to deal with crimes bosses and dictators. Harder AI, new destructible environments, and many parts for upgrading weapons and vehicles are new within the game.

MotoGP 09/10

The second racing game to be made by Capcom as the only publisher and developer. The game is featuring a new career mode with hiring press officers, team managers, and engineers. Competing off and on the track, you can play through this mode infinite amount of times due to a no limit on the year count. The arcade and championship modes are back making this a challenge for all players.

Red Steel 2

The sequel to one of the most anticipated games from the Nintendo Wii’s launch. Where that game failed this one plans to exceed expectation and take advantage of the Wii motion plus. This first person slash/shooter game has a new story and new hero this time around. The exclusive Wii title can be brought as a bundle with the peripheral as well.

Xbox 360: Game Room 

While the Game Room is not a game itself, it will support original arcade and console classics. Titles are playable through purchases from Xbox Live. The Game Room itself can be personalized with themes and arcade cabinets.

Cave Story (Wii)

Build-A-Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley (Wii)
Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter (Wii)
Hall of Fame: Ultimate Hoops Challenge (Wii)
How to Train Your Dragon (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
Just Cause 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)
MotoGP 09/10 (PS3, Xbox 360)
Red Steel 2 (Wii)
Rooms: The Main Building (Wii)
The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice (Wii)

Game Room (Xbox 360)


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