Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape review

Their are many challenges that need to be faced upon a games initial release date. One of which is the possibility of game content that might be cut from the final build. The team of Resident Evil 5 sought to bring you that content in a re-release of the game and DLC. Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape is the second chapter and unlike the first chapter of DLC which was more of an eerie nostalgic look back, this one is run and gun with waves of enemies.

In Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape you play the role as Josh Stone and Jill Valentine as they make their escape from the African Tricell where the main base was held. Sheva and Chris make a small cameo in the beginning where it sets you up but the focus is really Jill and Josh. What this DLC lacks in scary undertones makes up for in enemies and gun fire. Their is less time to prepare ammo and check health preserves as you make a mad rush all the way to the end. Their are number of guns to pick up and emblems that will add to your overall score. Enemies are in full swing, pummeling you with everything from chainsaw zombies, zombies on turrets and zombies with crossbows.

Our biggest problem with this was the failure to include anything new in this micro campaign. No new weapons or new enemies like the first one, the only thing was the ability to play with Josh after you complete the first play through of the micro campaign. The environments aren’t anything you haven’t seen before as well, plenty of factories and construction sites fill the area. The main portion is relatively short (as short as the first one) and probably doesn’t take more then an hour to get through, although the final run can take some time to complete.

Included in this is also the Mercenary reunion mode where you will get to play Jill, Josh and if completing the micro campaign with a good enough rank Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0-1. Again we’re not sure why this is not in the main Mercenaries mode but the added addition is nice. You will be able to play by yourself or with a friend with one of the six new characters that are here, the rest can be unlocked with other DLC.

Overall if you already own Resident Evil 5 and have been waiting for another itch then this isn’t bad to get some hours in on. If you don’t have Resident Evil 5 then it’s probably a good idea to get the Gold Edition as it includes both missing episodes. More would have been nice but the constant state of alert you undergo keeps you on your toes till the end.

Overall = 7.2

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