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Published on March 12th, 2010 | by Aykut D.


Sony’s Motion Controller named Playstation Move

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Sony officially announced the name of it’s motion controller: Playstation Move. Also shown off at the show were several games that utilize the new controller and some new information on what the peripheral will bring to gamers.

From the demonstrations shown it looks like Playstation Move will be similar to the Wiimote, there are two pieces to the controller: a primary one that handles most of the actions, and the secondary controller which handles movement. Sony claims that there will be 20 games for Playstation Move this year, some of these games include: Motion Fighter, Move Party, Sports Champions, and Socom 4. As the names of the titles suggests, it appears that Sony is making sure almost all genres are going to get some sort motion controller functionality. Sony hasn’t announced an official date yet for Playstation Move, and didn’t give any firm prices however it did mention that one of it’s bundles will be under $100. Sony said that it will be treating the launch of Playstation Move almost like a console launch.

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3 Responses to Sony’s Motion Controller named Playstation Move

  1. Avatar Madeline Morgan says:

    Playstation is the best gaming console that i have owned. Me and my brother are addicted in playing games on Playstation.*;.

  2. Playstation is a bit expensive but i own two of them*’.

  3. Avatar Bench Saw  says:

    Playstation games are very good specially those racing games like Need For Speed-;,

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