The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom Review – Pie Chasing is Fun!!

Who knew time and pie can be the cornerstone of a video game? Puzzle and platforming stretched to new heights. The Odd Gentleman’s “have created a fun game where pie is the only object of desire and thats all we really care about.

Originally on the PC and now making its way onto Xbox Live Arcade game Winterbottom begins with the  star, Mr. P.B Winterbottom. A mild manner man in the day, Pie thief at night. He runs the streets of a London-esque setting, looking for all the pies.  One night during his pie run, he comes across a mysterious looking pie but no matter how close he gets to it the pie keeps moving. Unknown to Winterbottom, the pie actually lures him to a time trap that sucks him into an alternative universe. When Winterbottom’s awakens, he realizes he can steal the mysterious pie by using switches and time.  Learning how manipulate time by recoding himself and using the past action to get what he wants.

The puzzles in Winterbottom are fun and frantic. They will challenge you to think outside the box. Utilizing Winterbottom’s clones and timing will be the key ingredients to progress in the game. Some of the puzzles are easy while other will make you feel like pulling your hair out. Note that the game’s varying difficulty is not a fault, its actually what makes the game fun. Making the player think long and hard about solving the puzzle and actually succeeding will bring a huge sense of achievement which is a reward its own.
The Game also has Bonus challenges that you unlock as you progress in the game. Time Challenge is a mere example of this. Times are tracked and posted on Winterbottom’s XBOX Live Leadership board for players  to compete in giving a solid amount of replay value once the game is completed.

The controls of Winterbottom are simple to use. X button to swing his umbrella, A button to jump, hold to float and lastly the Right trigger button is to record yourself. Simplicity is this game assets, no one should not have a hard time controlling Winterbottom. Menu’s are easy to navigate, presenting itself as a place where time and space stand still while jumping through events. The music and artwork in Winterbottom’s is what gives this simple game substance. The music borrows from the super old school 1920’s still movie tracks. In other words, its like an old Charlie Chaplin movie. Although throughout the game you will hear the same song over and over again but its infectiously catchy and you will find yourself humming along after awhile. Artwork can be described as a Tim Burton-like style, very sharp black and white with depth is what pretty much sums up the overall style.

To Conclude, The Misadventures of P.T. Winterbottom is great, fun simple, addicting yet frustrating game. The overall art style is what sets the game apart from others, while being able to appreciate the work that has gone into such a concept as the world of Winterbottom. Hardcore and casual players alike should get in on this gem. Great Puzzle and Platform elements and catchy old school tunes are plus. Do not sleep on P.B. Winterbottom or he may take your pie!

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Overall = 8.4/10

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