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Heavy Rain

This is not the type of game that most are use to, the game is about people who are in difficult circumstances with a delicate story. The main story deals with four different characters and their views.  The game will have a unique control scheme along with quick time events and action sequences. The game holds some best graphics and emotionally driven storytelling to ever grace the PS3. Make sure  to look out for this game.

Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing

A kart racing game with a variety of different characters from past Sega games. The game consist 24 different themed Sega race tracks littered with different power ups. Vehicles are stacked into 4 categories, racing, off-road, bike and hovercraft with drifting and midair tricks giving you additional boost. All characters have a All-Star Move that wrecks the competition. The game seems to be a good high-def kart racing game.

Last Rebellion

This role-playing game is created by Nippon Ichi Software and Hit Maker and exclusively for the PS3. Initially, in battle, it plays as a turn-based game, but the game switches to free- roam when exploring. The battle system allows the player to strike specific body parts of an enemy, so if you take out a enemy’s arm, their strength is weaken. Take out their legs, the enemies speed is shortened. Add this one to the PS3’s list of JRPGs.


The action role-playing game created by Piranha Bytes. The player can evolve through class setups, combat methods and different weaponry. Fighting features a battle system with dodging, parries, and blocks. Players can develop as a fighter, magician or combination of both.  The game also carries a skills system for unlocking better combat moves and a profession system for lock picking and blacksmithing. Game sounds promising.

Greed Corp

Rounding out the end is Greed Corp, a turn-based strategy game for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network.



Endless Oceans: Blue World (Wii)

Mouse House (Wii)


Heavy Rain (PS3)

Last Rebellion (PS3)

Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

Risen (Xbox 360)

Winter Blast: Snow and Ice Games (Wii)


Greed Corp (Xbox 360)

Lazy Riders (Xbox 360)


Greed Corp (PS3)

HyperBalliod HD (PS3)


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