A fighter for the ages: Tatsunoko vs Capcom Review

Overall = 9.1

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It’s no surprise the the amount of hardcore games for the Wii is less then stellar, especially when it comes to particular genres. Well folks this is an entry for the ages, sporting not only controls easy for pick up but delivers deep gameplay for hardcore around the board. Tatsunoko vs Capcom is one of those games that can be easily passed off as a quick scheme for Capcom to make a buck on the mega seller Wii but this game was made with A lot of firepower.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom takes it back to its roots from the Vs series (ala Marvel Vs. Capcom, etc.), so if you’ve played those you’ll feel right at home here. Added in the roster are many fresh faces to a Capcom fighting game including the entire cast of Tatsunoko. What’s great is that each character doesn’t stray to far from the pack but is unique enough to really add some strategy for each fighter. The control scheme is also easy to pick up, making use of three attack buttons and a assist button that can also tag you out. At first it maybe a little odd to use one button for both punch and kick but doesn’t take to long to adjust.

You’ll spend the majority of gameplay in Arcade mode at first, which boast secret characters, endings, and acquire points during matches. Points can be used at the shop to purchase more colors for fighters, gallerys and viewed endings. All other modes include versus, time attack, survival and online play. We’ve noticed that in online play the game holds up surprisingly well for the Wii. The Wii is not known for having great online connectivity but this game stayed relatively smooth. Supporting the creation of friend rosters and rival rosters can have you going at the online for quite awhile. The detail in this game are some of the best done on the Wii. The environments add depth, characters looks rich and everything just seems to be very vibrant. Combos and super moves for everyone seem very lush and chock full of color as well.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom fits right into the vs series library, making use of Capcom allstars like Viewtiful Joe, Frank West and a Lost Planet suit. To Tatsunoko’s cast like Geforce characters, the 2d-3d anime Karas and more. For anyone that enjoys fighters, this one is definitely hard to pass up or put down. It’s clear that their was A lot of thought put into this entry and with an unfamiliar for some yet intriguing cast, it’s not hard to see that this maybe the start of many more of these calibrations to come.

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