Review: Naruto Shippuden: Clash Of Ninja Revolution 3 – Naruto and friends all growned up and still fighting

Anime fighting on video game consoles has always been a constant struggle to recapture the intensity of the manga battles that we all love. Today’s generation of games bring us closer at reliving the famous battles of the anime universe. Naruto Shippuden: CONR 3 for the wii, while different then its PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts still bring us one step closer to this goal.

Naruto Shippuden: CONR 3 for the wii is a fighting style game where you choose a character from the manga series and duke it out with an opponent. There are different modes to play in such as the Story Mode,  VS mode, and Online mode just to name a few. Naurto, Sakura, Kakashi and a few others  are avalible at start however most of the characters have to be unlocked by buying them in the store in the game. Completing story missions in the game’s story line will help you gain money for these characters. You can also buy other things such as more options to toggle with.  ( For example, more power, harder difficulty, etc…) Online play and collecting money for store items will give players plenty to do.

The fighting system is very easy to learn. Depending on what controller you are using on the game, for example the Gamecube controller, the A button is strong attack, the B button is weak attack and  the L and R buttons are for dodging and counter attacks. Y button for throw. The X button is for Super Jutsu attack (or called secret technique) and lastly, the Z button is for switching characters in a tag battle match. Each character has a super gauge called Chakra which fills up from oncoming damage from your opponent. In my experience using the GC controller feels more intuitive. However you can also also use the wii remote (with nunchuck), and  the classic remote for different styles of play.

Each player has their own different super moves, however they all have very similar basic attack combinations. What separates the characters though is the different animations. This is not a huge flaw but having basically the same moves for every character can get boring.
However some characters are very unique to use. Granny Chyio and Tsunde are the characters who use puppets in the game. In this example you can manuever them through the field but their attack puppets move only through attack. The plus side is that the puppets have an auto tracker, the player won’t have to change the attacking postion.

Battles in Naurto 3 can be both fun and challenging.  Some characters can inflict stauts ailments on their opponents such as reversing direction orientation. In other words, left becomes right and right becomes left. There is a scene in the game’s story where Guy must face himself which was an interesting feature in the game. The catch is that the computer character will mimic your every move. The goal is to defeat the cpu utilizing the stage enviroments under a time limit, this puzzle-like element adds a dash of orginality in fighting games which is a huge welcome.

Visuals in Naruto 3 is pleasing for the most part. The game uses cell shaded graphics to convey the anime feel which is a classic way of presenting in most anime fighting games. The games moves at a solid 60 frames per second which is great. The character models are nicely detailed however the environments are not very texturized as the the characters are and it is pretty noticeable. However this graphical nag doesn’t take away from the fighting experience and still enjoyable.

The sound is standard of this fighting game. From the classic booms, bangs and blows landing sounds from the manga are all here. The voices in the game are straight from the american voices of the show. The voice acting sounds a bit pushed and to not have the option to switch to the japanese voice seems odd in this point in time with video games. The option to play the game in the very natural japanese voice would of add more vaule and enjoyment to the overall experience.

Naruto 3 for the Nintendo Wii is a nice rendition of the series. Easy pick up and play mechanics, running at a solid 60 fps, and online play makes for a well rounded Naurto experience. There is room for improvement however but the presentation is fairly solid.  This iteration of Naruto for the Wii is a step foward for anime games and with more focus on solidifing the game play mechanics and visual presentation, it appears games have become grown up as the Naruto series itself.

Overall: 7.8

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