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Spyborgs is an interesting game from a lot of perspectives, it combines the gameplay of an old school brawler with the Wiimote’s motion controller. The resulting game isn’t a bad one by any means, in fact Spyborgs is a solid game with almost no technical problems, however for more mature audiences the game could come off as being bland and too childish.
I hadn’t heard much about Spyborgs until I played the game to review it, I didn’t even know what genre of game it was, so when I heard that the game was a classic brawler like Streets of Rage and TMNT I was actually excited to try out the game. Beginning with the opening cutscene you can already tell that Spyborgs is geared towards a younger audience, the characters are brightly colored and almost have a cartoony look to them, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing however that was my first impression of the game. This fact puts Spyborgs in a awkward position, the game is rated Teen however it seemed like the game could easily be targeted to someone half that age, on the other hand I found the game to be somewhat difficult at certain parts which can very much frustrate players in this age group. Overall it seems that Spyborgs isn’t sure who it’s target audience so it tries to appeal to everyone.
Graphics aren’t anything to get worked up about, the game runs smoothly and can handle plenty of enemies on screen at a time. Particle effects are cool and explosions are great, however the graphics are very on par to a Gamecube game, and yes I know the Wii’s hardware isn’t much better than the Gamecube’s, but there are other games on the system that manage to squeeze the hardware for all its got, and its a shame because Spyborgs could have been a very beautiful game to look at. In the Audio department again nothing really incredible, however that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The sound effects are on par with a game in this genre, character’s voices sound good and music is appropriate for the frantic gameplay, no major issues here.
Gameplay is Spyborgs strongest selling point, there aren’t too many brawlers in this generation of games especially on the Wii so on that point alone the game is worth a look. However there’s more reasons than that, unlike classic brawlers the gameplay is a little deeper, characters have multiple moves, including long and short range attacks which add plenty of variety to the game. On top of that there are also special moves, blocking, dodging and combos to pull off, and to add even more to the game upgrades can also be bought to learn new moves, and increase attributes. In these respects Spyborgs tries to go above and beyond the classic brawler formula and does it successfully, yet something about it still didn’t give a sense of being fully satisfied, perhaps its the fact that deep down its still just a classic brawler, whatever the reason is there is still nothing broken about the gameplay but there’s just nothing special about it either.
Overall Spyborgs is a good game just not a great one, everything about it is acceptable from the graphics to the audio and gameplay, nothing here is bad and yet nothing about the game really surprised me. That still doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun, especially if you play the game two-players there’s plenty of brawling fun to be had with Spyborgs and it’s especially a good buy for someone in there young teens who haven’t had much exposure to this classic formula of games.
Overall 7.7

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