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Published on October 12th, 2009 | by FWGHurley


Demo Impressions: FIFA 10 – Better than ever

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FIFA 10 is coming to 360/PS3 and it is better than ever. Graphics go far and beyond what they have ever been and an all new Virtual pro option is new this year. The player can actually get a picture of a person or even themselves on the website and upload it to the game so they play. You can build your stats as you progress through the game and become a legend. Pro Club Championship is also new this year. Create an online club with friends & champs, play 10v10 against hundreds of thousands of Virtual Pros from around the World, with the top clubs battling it out to become Regional champ or World Champions. Theirs a new practice arena in the game where you can work on individual and team skills in a fully featured practice mode before stepping on the pitch. Select the number of attackers and defenders you want in play, practice, open play or from set pieces. The main function also is theres a 360 dribbling instead of always having a bird’s eye few the whole game. That makes it more cinematic rather than seeing from afar. Refined goalkeeping physics give the game a more realistic feel to it. The demo was a great taste of the game giving it a experience I haven’t felt in a while when playing a soccer game. Download the demo today and see what all the soccer fans are talking about!

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