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When the prequel to Dead Space was announced as an On Rail Shooter for the Wii it was no surprise that fans felt slightly disappointed. How can the prequel to one of the scariest games in this console generation be on the kid friendly Wii? However after playing this game fans can take it easy, Dead Space Extraction lives up to the brands name and makes for more than a solid addition to the Wii’s mature library.

The original Dead Space did practically everything right when it came to creating a horror game on a modern console. The controls for the original were tight, the graphics were detailed, and above all it was freaking scary. However the prequel is taking a different approach to the Dead Space universe and although it is very much a different game, the atmosphere of the original is still there and even expands upon it. As a prequel Extraction has a fairly simple mission, tell the story of the events leading up to the original game, and it is here where the Extraction truly delivers on it’s promise. Many of the details left out in Dead Space are brought to light in Extraction, much of the back story is explored which will satisfy the questions that so many had while playing the original. Overall the player fully learns about the origins of the story making this a must play for fans of the original.


The graphics in Dead Space Extraction are at the top of what the Wii can pull off, and although the game might not be incredible to look at when compared to the original, the graphics are still acceptable. However the big thing to point out in Extraction is the dismemberment of enemies, shooting enemies in practically any part of their body will yield in a unique damage animation. From the head to the legs, and arms enemies react to getting shot as they should, something On Rail Shooters surprising tend to skip. In line with the graphics, the audio also does an adequate job. The sounds of the creatures will creep you out, and the music will keep you on edge. The voice acting is also good for the most part although some characters are better than others, several times through out the game you’ll get a cheesy line with an equally cheesy delivery but for the most part the voice acting is done well.

Gameplay is where many felt the game would be too shallow considering its an On Rails Shooter, but fans don’t need to worry here either, the gameplay is involving and ultimately satisfying dispite the nature of the genre. Players are given access to a fairly wide range of weapons each with its own strengths and weaknesses, on top of the expansive arsenal there are also secondary attacks that can be done by tilting the wiimote on its side, a nice touch overall. Reloading also involves an active reload mini-game like Gears of War, its nothing ground breaking but it keeps things active and adds to the thrill of the fight. However the biggest aspect of the gameplay that makes Extraction stand out from other On Rails Shooter is the telekinesis, players have the ability to not only grab things like ammo but they can also push objects such as crates, and other objects that block your path or that might house supplies, again its another feature in Extraction that adds to the involvement of the game making it truely above other shooters.

Overall Dead Space Extraction is a great game, if you’re a fan of the Dead Space franchise then this is almost a requirement to play, much of the back story is explored answering questions that many had while playing the original game. Even if you aren’t a fan Extraction is worth looking into, its easily one of the best shooters on the Wii and is twice as fun in co-op. If you’ve been waiting for a great mature game on the Wii there is no question that you should pick up Dead Space Extraction.

Overall 8.9

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  1. This game looks amazing. If it is anything like the Umbrella CHronicles, I will definately pick this up. I love all the Wii games that have the arcade like version to them! This looks like a winner in my books.


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