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Published on October 6th, 2009 | by Remy Cuesta


Crazy Taxi released via download for PSP Go launch

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Get ready Crazy Taxi fans as this will be a treat for you. Sega’s blog confirmed that a version of Crazy Taxi is now available for the PSP GO (via download). The game features not only the first but the second Crazy Taxi game and has two multiplayer modes as well. The console and arcade iterations are both in the game along with a slew of mini games. If you were looking for a reason to pick up a PSP GO and are a fan of the series then what are you waiting for?

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4 Responses to Crazy Taxi released via download for PSP Go launch

  1. Hugh says:

    I’m still hoping they release a version for Xbox Live Arcade, would love it.

  2. stan says:

    that makes two of us, although a full fledge sequel would be great

  3. FWGHurley says:

    Yes a sequal would be nice and even if they don’t at least make a pack with all 3 of them in the xbox live arcade. I’m sure those would sell like hot cakes. Crazy Taxi is a classic and needs to be on more consoles than just Dreamcast and PSP.

  4. matt says:

    crazy taxi is on enough systems
    dream cast,ps2,gba , arcade
    the only good systems missing are wii and ds
    and crazy taxi is (sadly) on xbox

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