Review: The Warriors Street Brawls – “Can you Dig it”?

The Warriors  Street Brawl is the latest game from Paramount Digital Entertainment, developed by CTXM. This game is based on the 1979 niche movie, The Warriors. This game took all the violence, street fighting, and street gangs in the movie and put it in an Arcade Brawler for the Xbox live arcade. The question is, was it  all woven together in cool package that makes you say “You can dig it”?

Unfortunately, the warrior street brawl does not make you say that nor does it makes you want to. The game feels like a good idea but was poorly executed. The production values in this game seems outdated even on for Xbox arcade. When you first start in you presented with the title screen, with the sound bit of the famous words said in the movie and from there you can start a new game solo, local/Xbox live, check leaderboards, etc… The story begins identical to the movie, and from there you choose one of the “Actors” from Swan and the rest of The Warriors. Once you choose your character, you follow a linear story with Comic “Painting” storytelling which is done pretty well to the story between levels all the way to the end of the game.

The Warriors graphically looks relatively basic, but for an Xbox live arcade game we aren’t expecting something to level of a full fledge game. The good thing is that the game runs at a smooth frame rate and the game has very clean textures, but thats about it. The character models are pretty standard. The environments are equally the same. In all, the graphical prowess of this game just average, plain and simple.

The gameplay in The Warriors  is another thing that can be a hit or a miss with some. You have a simple  punch, kick, jump, block and special button arrangement. Each character has their own special attack. The enemies come at you at a repetitive fashion, some may run at you but other then that, there is no variety how they approach you. The enemy AI in this game is  sometimes overpowering, which makes this game frustrating. They almost always have a priority advantage over you. Your best bet is block all incoming attacks, then fight for like 2 seconds and then go back in turtle mode, which may not be fun especially if playing alone. Where the game really seems to stand a chance is the inclusion of 4 player co-op, also over xbox live. Getting fore people in a room or over live, chatting it up and beating people up is where you will get most your good times going.

To conclude, this game is those type of games that uses something such a good movie, that can be great but doesn’t quite make it. This game was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The cult-classic movie,
and it should be taken as so. True die hard fans of the movie, while getting some cheap laughs with some buddies in co-op. There is a lot room for improvement, more thought and creativity in its gameplay department to be deemed a good beat em up. If your not a fan of the movie, The Warriors Street Brawl does not dig it.

Game Score – 6/10

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