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It’s rare to see new elements in a FPS (first person shooter) keeping gamers away from the addictive gameplay of Halo and Call of Duty. Luckily Section 8 brings new features to the table and a little extra. LVLONE sat down with SouthPeak and went hands-on with some of the multiplayer maps that will be in the game.


Focusing heavily on multiplayer, Section 8 pits two teams, up to 16 players, for each side. Squads will break up teams into smaller groups, making it easier to organize a plan of attack on your enemy; while each team can use various tactics, if successful will gain them a range of points during a match. Players will be able to choose from different classes, geared towards specific roles to strengthen the squad or players can create their own soldier. Players are allowed two primary weapons consisting of numerous guns, two secondary components varying from a combat knife, grenades to other tools and passive skills, which use points to upgrade armor, attack power, etc. When you finally pick your class you will be given the option to drop in with your squad or free drop. Unlike most FPS’s this will let you simply drop into any part of the map. When in the battlefield players will earn money for kills, objectives and taking over bases, this will then allow you to call upon different deployable units for aiding in the match. Gun turrets, supply units, mech’s and tanks can be used, the items drop in just as you would from the sky, while units such as tanks and mech’s will come in from a support plane that can take longer for it to appear. This potentially puts players on the defense for their plane to keep from getting shot down while they bring down your item.

Besides killing your opponents, missions can be activated during a match and can increase your points and money. We got a chance to play Convoy and VIP, Convoy will have your team transport a heavy vehicle from one part of the map to another, while the opposing team will get alerted of the mission, and you will have to stop them. VIP will give your team a commando classed AI character that can defend the base for a limited time, helping a team when they are being heavily attacked. Everyone from the start of the match has a number of skills that can be used and recharged. Players can lock on to a target, use a jetpack, and can go into a hyper drive that makes it faster to get around the map. Maps vary from small to large depending on the amount of players. Like the Battlefield games the largest (if not all) of maps get scaled down when wanting to use a smaller player cap size.

Our overall experience with Section 8 was that it had a lot going for it, and maybe to much going on for some players to digest. Graphics are detailed, maps are large and there’s enough meat in the multiplayer that had us playing for hours. If you’ve played Tribes, Battlefield or even Quake Wars then you’ll feel right at home with this one. We’ll give you our review and look for this when it releases September 1st, 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PC.


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