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Published on August 14th, 2009 | by Ahphrow


Lost Planet 2 coming to Xbox LIVE next week

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Starting on August 19, Xbox 360 action fans will be able to download the co-op demo for Lost Planet 2. Live Gold members will have first crack at the demo on August 19, while Silver level members will be able to take part on August 26.

Xbox Live gold users around the world will be able to experience the desperate battle against the enormous G-Type Salamander Akrid boss in online, co-operative shoot outs. Utilizing a host of weapons scattered through out the arena, squads of up to four players will face off against the huge monster in an attempt to bring it down. Players can assault the Salamander in a number of ways, from shearing off its legs to actually being swallowed and fighting their way out from the inside! Superior firepower comes in many flavors, including numerous beam and projectile weapons and several Vital Suit robotic combat units that up to three players can ride at once. There are new support weapons which allow teammates to boost attack and defense abilities, while players can share life-giving thermal energy amongst injured members of their squad. Additionally, the new Dash feature allows players to sprint for short distances, bringing greater speed to combat.

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5 Responses to Lost Planet 2 coming to Xbox LIVE next week

  1. cyclonis says:

    so…cool i just came a bit

  2. Anthony says:


    wow why do you guys think its funny to say that. Its not. Its disgusting. Im a guy and I think its crude and thats saying something.

  3. jarred says:

    hey sometimes when a game is that good these things just happen :/ lol

  4. Know Orange says:

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  5. I’m still unclear on what exactly Smokey would have done if he got off the island. I don’t know why the island needs protecting. Some vague explanation of the light within all humanity going out.

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