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Published on August 5th, 2009 | by Remy Cuesta


Facelift your PS3 controller with Real Triggers

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Tired of the PS3 controller?, and we (LVLONE) don’t mean the added edition of the dual shock 3.  Ever feel like the L2 and R2  just slip right from your finger tips, never giving you the grip your looking for during gameplay. Well does LVLONE have a solution for PS3 gamers out there. Real Triggers from Gioteck gives players that competitive edge they’ve been looking for. With two button add ons to your Left and Right Triggers, this will add precision to your gaming like you’ve never thought possible.  Compatible with Sony’s SIXAXIS Controller and DualShock 3 Controller, owners of older controllers can still benefit from these. Now this isn’t new by any means but sometimes these kinds of products slip in the cracks. If PS3 owners have an itch to get some precise gaming in these two add-ons can be yours for only $5.00.

Check it out on Real Trigger

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