What are you driving this holiday?: Part 3

What Are You Driving this Holiday ? Part 1

What Are You Driving this Holiday ? Part 2

In our third part of racing game coverage we’re going to take a look at the wackier more creative side of the tracks. Here are some racing games to try to add more variety, innovation or just pickup and play. They are also exclusive to its respective console.


Joyride is developed by BigPark. This Xbox Live Arcade racing game will use your avatars as the racers. The game will feature fast action with realistic and comical physics. It is planned to be a free downloadable kart racing game along with extra cars and tracks that will be paid for by micro-transactions. Avatar driving starts this winter only on the Xbox 360.


Modnation Racers is developed by United Front Games. This kart racing game places a large emphasis on customization. The player can create their own racer, vehicles, and race tracks. With different power-ups to collect and use, races can get intense. The Track Studio is used for track creation, made to be user friendly, and seems to be pretty extensive. Create, share and race this mid-spring, 2010 only on Playstation 3.


This list of racing games hopes to give fans an idea of where to lean if they didn’t have a clue of the selection that will be among them starting this fall. While many of these games will see revisions, updates, and added features. It’s no doubt that this is one of the most packed filled racing years in a long time. No matter what type of racing consumers are in to, no one will be left behind the dust in the next 6 months.


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