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Published on June 29th, 2009 | by Ahphrow


What Are You Driving this Holiday ? Part 1

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During E3 week in 2009 there were a lot of racing video games mentioned. Providing a flavor for everyone to enjoy in the months ahead. This is some quick info of what you could be driving for the upcoming seasons. Mind you these racing games wont be starting there engines till this fall, but they will be racing all the way through 2010 so for some it’ll be a long racing season. In part 1 of our racing coverage we take a look at the more extreme of racing games to be creating mayhem this holiday.


Dirt 2 is developed by Codemasters. The late Colin McRae is featured in the game. This game will have new racing events, including stadium events.  A roster of contemporary off road events in real world environment. The world tour mode will have multi-car and solo races. Dirt 2 will have a collection of officially licensed rally cars and off-road vehicles within seven vehicle classes. Go off road in September 8, 2009.


Blur is developed by Bizarre Creations. Racing take place in different areas from London to Los Angeles with 20 cars in the position. Blur also will have power ups for vehicular combat and a photo mode for capturing and sharing. Real world cars with arcade handling.  This is going to be more than just Project Gotham Racing with weapons. Look out for this one in early October, 2009.


Split/Second is developed by Black Rock Studio. S/S is set on a fictional T.V. reality show. Single player mode is broken into  24 episodes with 3 events in each episode. This game has interactive environments with the ability to trigger explosive events that will alter the race. Not to take away from the overall visual of the game the H.U.D. display is directly positioned behind the car. Releasing in the early spring, 2010.

What Are You Driving this Holiday ? Part 2

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  1. Avatar cycronis the boosh king says:

    split second reminds me of that dreamcast game….fuck forgot the name 😐

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