1 vs 100 beta hands on impressions and possible release date ?


It was announced by Microsoft last year at E3 that with their installment of the NXE (New Dashboard Experience) update released later that year 2008 were going to have a Prime Time category. Not being ready in time for the NXE, Microsoft said it will come out sometime in spring. Exactly one year from its original announcement we finally get our hands on it.


If you are wondering what 1 vs 100 is about, it is a game show on TV where one contestant faces off against a mob of 100 contestants. That person must answer trivial questions correctly and try to eliminate the mob (the hundred opponents) in order to gain money/points. When enough of the mob is eliminated the contestant will receive an option to collect the money that they’ve won and quit the game but they can decide to continue the game to try to eliminate more members for more cash prizes. If the contestant is stumped for an answer they can choose one of three options presented to them. One is choose the mob which will give them the answer most popular to the mob, second is choose the crowd which is the crowds most popular answer and third is choose the brain which will give them the answer of the person in the mob that has the highest score. However if the contestant against the mob answers a question wrong they lose the game and the top three opponents will split the earnings 


The Beta was on June 1st 22:30 hours eastern time and about 30 minutes before the game started you would receive a message pop up on live saying “Beta Downloaded”. It would then give you the option to start the game where the beta lied on the Xbox live dashboard. Upon entering the game, you were given an option  to play a public or private match, we went with public and it took us right into a room. Now one thing that was a bit surprising to take notice of was that the game show host and co-host on the show floor were actually LIVE! with commentary of the actual event. He was either funny for some or annoying for others which I’m sure if it gets to that point their will be an option to mute commentary upon release. 


The trivial questions varied from entertainment, video games, politics and internet example “what is it called when someone “Tweets” online?”. Everything from questions from events years ago to things that happened the day before the event! You receive bonus points for answering questions quicker and for the number of contestants that got the answer wrong verses your right answer.

The game lets 3 other members on your friends list join in on the fun sharing the experience of your scores and stats while you chat it up. If you are apart of the mob the highest scoring oppenent will get a chance to be “THE ONE” who will face off against the mob. that person will get a chance to win actual Microsoft Points for use on Xbox marketplace items.

Now there are more scheduled entry’s that people will get to sign up for. This upcoming saturday June 6th in increments of 30 minutes but heres the weird part. When you go to sign up on the listed schedules they all say beta on them except the last entry which has a date for December 31, 2009 at 3:00 eastern. Could this actually be the release date for 1VS 100 ? we’ll just have to wait and see. All we know is that we’re actually looking forward to its release hopefully in the fall.


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