E3 True or Not ? Part 1 (Microsoft E3 video montage analysis 05-08)


With out a doubt this years’ E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo, at the La Convention Center is going to be huge. Companies fill their booths with glitz and glamour to draw in the audience. If theirs one thing that gets everyone excited about E3 its when the 3 juggernauts go at it and show the world why they’re the best. What better way to show this but with an E3 montage from their respective press conferences. This has certainly been the trend for many years, but is everything we see from E3 true? We mostly understand the games shown are not completed, they’re a beta version of the game to say the least, yet when was it ok to flat out lie about what we’re watching?


In our first segment of this E3 edition, we take a look at the Microsoft E3 montages over the past 4 years; one of which was done in house, and we can see what stayed true and what was just completely off.


Microsoft E3 05 montage


This years E3 was the first look at Micorosofts line-up for their new system the xbox 360 and while many games did hold true to form, games like Frame City Killer was soon canceled, Dead Rising got a bit of a facelift.  Others made their first debut like Perfect Dark Zero and Gears of War; which was originally announced as a 4 player co-op game and later turned out to be only two. Other developers such as EA had a different approach, showing pre-rendered footage of Madden and Need For Speed Most Wanted. They probably thought that these targeted videos could be met but we have yet to see games look like this today bummer.    


Microsoft E3 06 montage This years games showed us what two years with a new console can do, although we still had some games that showed their targeted footage. In example, Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway, which took two more years to make and actually looked worse then what was shown here.  Two Human, was announced with a 4 player co-op which quickly turned out to be only a 2 player co-op; not what people had expected.


Microsoft E3 07 montage


‘07 for Microsoft took a different approach with their E3 anouncements, as they would only really want to focus on the games coming up in the fall. Everything stayed true to form except Spiderman Friend or Foes original announcement showed a pre-rendered screen shot footage as actual game play and Splinter Cell Conviction went into a hiatus by that time as well.

Microsoft’s E3 montage 08 (lvlone.com montage)

There weren’t any Microsoft montages of any kind except the new NXE announcement, which debuted that year. Fable II making its presence, however upon release came out with a very different 2 player co-op then anyone thought it would be, “CO-OP” yea… not really. Finally, the announcement of all announcements is a Final Fantasy was coming to the Xbox 360, Final Fantasy XIII to be exact.


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