Dark Corners or All Fronts Collection??


     I know you heard that Epic Games are going to release its next segment of DLC for Gears of War 2. Titled ‘Dark Corners’ which is coming out on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Then there is the ‘All Fronts Collection’ which is coming out to a retailer near you. While the desicion is yours to buy the package of your choice, it also depends on if you have purchased the previous 3 dowloadable content map packs.

   Representatives from Epic Games have stated that their forth DLC for Gears of War 2 is going to be released this summer on July 28. With 7 new multiplayer  maps for you to chainsaw your way through a different atmosphere. Along with the new maps, there is a deleted campaign episode that can be played called the ‘Road to Ruin’. Marcus and Dom are back, but now they are descending through a locust hollow. This portion can be played in a all new stealth mode (with locust armor) or the standard way, shooting with a fury of lancer bullets!

Road to Ruin

The 7 new maps are:

1. Allfathers Garden

2. Memorial

3. Sanctuary

4. War Machine (from the first Gears of War)

5. Highway

6. Way Station 

7. Nowhere

Cole & Baird on Nowhere

Locust on Nowhere


   The main difference between the two different packages are that ‘Dark Corners’ will only be available over the Xbox Live Marketplace. For 1600 microsoft points you recieve the 7 new maps along with ‘Road to Ruin’. The ‘All Fronts Collection’ will be available at retail stores with what seems to be the better deal. You will obtain the ‘Flashback’ map pack, ‘Combustible’ map pack, ‘Snowblind’ map pack, the 7 new maps and the ‘Road to Ruin’ for 20 dollars!

   Here is the catch, if you were in a rush to get out and see the Gears of War world from a different light, you probably purchased the previous 3 map packs.  So you wont have to look for the ‘All Fronts Collection’, but instead you get to look forward to buying 1600 microsoft points for the ‘Dark Corners’ content. What does 1600 points equal?? Your answer is 20 dollars! For those same 20 dollars you can buy the ‘All Fronts Collection’ and have ALL of the recent and new downloadable content for Gears of War 2! I know they are trying to get this content out to everyone, but for those that have purchased all of the previous map packs and have to shell out another 20 dollars for the new content, thats just unfair.

UPDATE: 5/29, Epic Games state that ‘Dark Corners’ will be 1200 points instead of the previous 1600points & ‘All Fronts Collection’ will be available for download over Xbox Live and in stores instead of just retail stores.



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Im feeling vexed, yes..... vexed is a good word. I did battle with ignorance today, and ignorance won.


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